Kindred Hospital Denver and Kindred Hospital Aurora  have a Financial Assistance Program for those individuals that meet the qualifications.

    Policy/Purpose Statement

    Kindred Hospital Denver and Kindred Hospital Aurora, (Kindred) are committed to providing high quality, comprehensive health care services to patients regardless of their ability to pay. Kindred Hospital strives to ensure that the financial capacity of people who need health care services does not prevent them from seeking or receiving care. Financial assistance is not considered to be a substitute for personal responsibility, and patients are expected to cooperate with Kindred’s procedures for obtaining financial assistance and to contribute to the cost of Kindred’s care, based on individual ability to pay. This policy does not apply to physician services.


    Discount Payment Options

    Kindred has established a discount payment options based upon the financial eligibility of the individuals requesting assistance. Discount payment options include: low income discount and uninsured patients.

    1. Eligibility for discounted payment options will be considered for those individuals who are uninsured, ineligible for “Colorado Indigent Care Program” care benefit program.
    2. Eligibility for discount payment options will be considered for those individuals who are uninsured.
    3. A patient may qualify for discount payment options whose annual family income is not more than Two Hundred Fifty percent of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

    Patient Payment Plans

    Upon request, Kindred will negotiate a patient payment plan to qualified individuals within the following guidelines:

    1. Eligible patients’ obligation will be reduced to no more than the facilities lowest negotiated rate from a private health plan.

    Collection Guidelines

    1. Patient guarantors must complete a Financial Disclosure Statement, be in process with an eligibility application for a government sponsored insurance program or set up a payment plan within 60 days of final bill or the account will be assigned to a third party billing agency at full billed charges. The third party billing agency may charge interest.
    2. Kindred will assign any financial obligation to a debt collection agency after 30 days from final bill date where the patient has failed to comply with an established payment plan or non-payment on an account where the patient guarantor is not in process with an eligibility application for a government sponsored insurance program.
    3. Patients with pending appeal for coverage of services will not be forwarded to a third party billing agency or collection agency until a final determination of that appeal is made. If the appeal is unfavorable and the patient is responsible for that outstanding obligation, the patient will be afforded the opportunity to qualify for a discount payment arrangements as prescribed above.
    4. This policy does not apply to professional services provided to Kindred’s patients. Patients by physicians or other medical providers including but not limited to Radiology, Anesthesiology, Pathology or Hospitalist services.

    Financial Assistance Procedure

    1. A patient may qualify for financial assistance prior to admission, after admission, after discharge, or during the course of the financial assistance process. Every attempt will be made to identify all available funding sources prior to or a time of visit. If a funding source cannot be identified after full compliance by the patient or guarantor, financial assistance may be provided. A request may be initiated via completion of a Financial Disclosure Statement by the patient, family member, or health care representative. All financial assistance requests will be considered for eligibility upon receipt of the prescribed financial information.
    2. Kindred Hospital recognizes that the financial status of patients may change over time. Kindred’s personnel will actively assist families in securing eligibility of any program with the cooperation of patients and their guarantors.
    3. The granting of financial assistance shall be based on an individualized determination of financial need and shall not take into account age, gender, race, socio-economic or immigrant status, sexual orientation, or religious affiliation. Factors for determining financial need may include but are not limited to family income, family size, scope and extent of patient’s medical bills, and employment status.
    4. The Financial Disclosure Statement may be completed by completing, signing and returning it to Kindred’s Patient Accounting Department. Patient’s eligibility for financial assistance may be determined at any time Kindred Hospital is in receipt of the patient’s financial information. The Financial Disclosure Statement shall remain valid for services rendered within a 180-day period. The financial assessment will include a review of the family‘s gross income, employment status, or verification of insurance. Copies of prior year tax return and the most recent one (1) month of pay stubs may be requested.
    5. The Controller or designee will review all applications to determine eligibility for financial assistance based upon criteria outline in the policy. Reasonable efforts will be made to verify financial data. All financial information provided will be considered confidential and staff will respect each circumstance with dignity. 
    6. Written notification of determination of eligibility or ineligibility for financial assistance will be forwarded to the applicant by the Controller within 30 days of receipt of the Financial Disclosure Statement and requested financial documentation.
    7. Kindred recognizes that there may be unusual or extenuating circumstances or disputes which may warrant special consideration. In such cases, a description of the unusual circumstances or dispute (written or verbal) should be forwarded to the attention of the Controller. Upon receipt, the Controller will review the request and will approve, deny or make recommendation toward approval based upon the established limits.

    Please contact the facility Controller for more information.

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