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    Kindred Hospital Denver, located at 1920 High Street, is accredited by The Joint Commission. We are located in one of Denver’s important medical campuses, just east of Presbyterian St. Luke’s Hospital. We offer free, on premises parking for patients’ families and visitors, along with 24-hour security. If you need directions, go to the menu item Map and Directions for a map, or call our front desk at 303-320-5871.

    Kindred Hospital is a specialty provider known as a long-term acute care hospital. This means we care for patients longer than traditional acute care hospitals, but not as long as skilled nursing facilities. Our patients stay with us three to four weeks on average. We are best known for our successful pulmonary outcomes and ventilator patient management, and we receive patient referrals from throughout the Front Range and western slopes of Colorado, as well as Wyoming, western Nebraska, Kansas, and northern New Mexico. While Kindred cares for many types of patients, most have encountered severe or catastrophic illness, which may include:

    • respiratory failure requiring mechanical ventilation
    • complicated wounds associated with diabetes, malnutrition and/or immobility
    • chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
    • pneumonia
    • pulmonary edema
    • renal failure
    • traumatic brain injury
    • cerebrovascular accidents (CVA)

    We work closely with other healthcare facilities and providers so patients referred to our care are accommodated in an efficient, effective and caring manner. We further coordinate our patients’ care both with referring providers and with medical services that may be required upon discharge.

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